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Fox spirits skill for shade doesnt work properly.

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Bug type: Functionality
Description: Since i made the Shade character in the first burning event in december, when i toggle ON Fox Spirits and then use other skills such as Spirit Incarnation or Spirit Frenzy, the moment the first orb from the Fox spirit appear, the skill(spirit incarnation or Spirit Frenzy) stop doing any damage at all.
Furthermore, if u have +1 att speed on inner ability and use speed infusion or monster park extreme green potion, when u have Fox Spirit ON and you attack either with Spirit Claw or Bomb Punch( havent tried with other skills) you get slowed down when the orbs appear, its the same feeling as wen you get stunned, this issue lowers our DPS a lot against bosses or while training and its also very annoying and frustrating.

Steps to reproduce:
1.Toggle on Fox Spirits.
2. Use spirit incarnation
3.The moment the first orb appear u will stop dealing damage.
(same with spirit Frenzy)

For the slow down bug:
1.Have +1 attack speed inner ability and speed infusion( i dont know if this problem also appears when u dont have this speed buffs)
2.Toggle ON Fox Spirits
3. Use multiple times Spirit Claw or Bomb Punch and you will notice that u get slowed down or its the same feeling as being stunned when some orbs appear in comparisson to when you arent using Fox Spirits, where u attack faster( it doesnt happen always you will have to try a few times )
Character name: Rakein
Character level: 211
Character job: Shade
World name: Bera
Date and time of the incident: I dont know exactly but around the 15th of December of 2016 i started to notice it.
Im looking forward to a solution.
Thank you,


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    Bump. Still an issue.
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    Bump. Still an issue. 2017, 2018, now 2019.