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Hard Gollux

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Hard gollux is acting like Hell Gollux for me. Has the 2nd breath attack. Also cannot climb up the ropes of the legs in the beginning map. Anybody else experiencing these issues?


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  • Its2Sharp4UIts2Sharp4U
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    For Gollux to not have the 2nd breath attack you need to defeat the Abdomen. This is intended.

    In terms of ropes, some of them are currently not working. This is not intended.


    Bug type: Functionality, Map, Rope

    Brief bug summary: In the Gollux Boss battle, some ropes cannot be climbed up. This was recently broken on an unknown date.
  • MikevsZodaMikevsZoda
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    I believe the ropes, namely the ones at Gollux's feet at the entry of the battle, became broken upon the update that made it so no exp loss is experienced when you die to him. I'd been running hardlux daily for a while and that day was when I first noticed the ropes stopped working.