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Disconnecting alot today.

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So I've been experiencing alot of disconnects today. Usually a couple of seconds after I log on the mobs freeze and then a minute after that I dc, when I try to reconnect I get told that my id is already logged in and I have to exit the game. The game was working fine yesterday and I have not made any changes to my pc so it's not client sided. I can see that there is an upcoming maintenance for the eu servers only today and so it might be worth mentioning that I'm playing from Europe on the reboot server.

I have tried several times and the error always repeats itself. Anyone else experiencing the same thing?


  • MaplerOver9000MaplerOver9000
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    Are you using a hurricane type skill against enemies?
    I get this when using those kinds of skills on enemies with lots of HP.
    I play on NA in the NA, but my connection's a tad bad.
  • EvuuEvuu
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    Im on Reboot as well. Tried playing maple on both my PC and Labtop, crashing a lot as well.