Purchased unusable Sengoku High tickets

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I had 5 remaining that are not useable due to the event ending prior to the arranged date in the event window. I have looked into this and seen that the website has differed by nearly 24 hours. I would like help in this situation. Surely I am not alone with this either? Any response is helpful, thank you. :-)
  1. Should anyone be compensated or assisted for the discression in event dates ingame and outgame?7 votes
    1. Nah, they should have checked multiple sources.
       29% (2 votes)
    2. Yes, this clearly needs adressing.
       57% (4 votes)
    3. Not sure what is even going on here.
       14% (1 vote)


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    I agree on the fact that the NX store items should have been limited as well. They shouldn't be purchaseable with a 30 day usage time. Rather it should've set a date as the last day of the event. But on the other hand, the site did state it would last untill 01:00 CET (Server reset time), 28th of febuary. So it did not end 24 hours later than the site said.