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Attendnace Bugged

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I am doing a lot of attendance in my server (I made a level 33 character to do attendance in every world for my server alliance.) This may sound insane, but I have been doing it on 9 emails for a total of 45 characters doing attendance on 9 emails.

When the new day comes, I revisit my mules and I see only 1 day has been checked off when I consciously remember doing it at least 2 times since the first check mark. I've been working on the attendance for days I am really upset that the system is not counting my days on completion. But for some reason, the world with the highest character of the account has 4/14 days completed while the other 4 characters on the other servers are wonky.

World(s): Galacia, Arcania, Zenith, El Nido, Dementhos
Characters: (40+ characters in Kerning Subway)
Time: 3:30pm pst 3/4
How to reproduce: Do attendance on each world in an alliance for a few days