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Kaiser Missing Exclusive Spell

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edited March 2017 in Bug Reporting
IGN: HoidMySword
Level: 220
Class: Kaiser
Server: Reboot

At level 200 we're supposed to receive a quest from the Grand Kaiser that includes Exclusive Spell and a medal.

This skill is equivalent to Hero's Echo with the % attack buff and 2 hour cooldown. I've completed all Kaiser quests including the Magnus quest line.

No quests available in quest log (in progress, available, completed) and no quest in light bulb.

When I first tried to get this skill, I was long done with 5th job advancement and was already around level 210. This may possibly be related to others who are unable to get their Call of Cygnus skill or spend their previous job skill points after advancing to 5th job.

Submitted a ticket in January for this bug but there has been no updates. Posting here now hoping for some more Nexon acknowledgement / awareness.