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Ahoys from CM Arwoo~


  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    edited March 9
    No one plays smash on 3DS :(

    Understandable though, it's a dumpster fire. Anyway, looking forward to your stream next week.
  • AKradianAKradian
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    edited March 9
    Again, why not make your huge improvements to the Nexon Launcher before removing the alternative?

    Get Nexon Launcher to the point where we don't have people posting, after every maintenance, "The Launcher made me download the whole game" or "I can't login through the Nexon Launcher" and such. Get us to the point where we never have to tell someone, "Try using GameLauncher.exe and see what message you get."
    Once that is done, and only then, you can remove it.

    It makes absolutely no sense to throw away your parachute before you make certain your plane can take off and land safely, every single time.

    And, with all due respect to your CS department, they have not been able to help maplers with the launch issues that have been plaguing us for several months now. The community figured out ways to work around your bugs, at least for some of us. I really don't expect CS to be able to help us with Nexon Launcher issues beyond "remove everything, re-download everything (yes, all 10GB), reinstall, and I'm sure it will work. Oh, you did it three times already and it didn't work? I will forward this to our dev team. Keep an eye on the forums and webpage for updates."
  • RaysOffice2016RaysOffice2016
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    Welcome Community Manager Arwoo! We are very happy to see you after a long wait with a replacement. I hope to see you around the forums and in Game!
  • PetalmagicPetalmagic
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    Hello job stea- -cough- I mean CM! Nice to meet you...
  • KirdeinKirdein
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    Welcome to the forums CM Arwoo ^_^
  • DetrivanceDetrivance
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    Welcome! Sadly I'll be in class during the live stream, but hopefully I can be there to help out another time if you do weekly streams like KthxBaiNao did.

    Now for my question!
    Do you plan on continuing the Maple Minutes series that Michael started, or do any events with the community such as the Maplestory Community Summit that happened last year?
  • DaxterbeerDaxterbeer
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    are you a guy or girl and tell more about you (our last CM was Korean)
  • BIackbeanBIackbean
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    Welcome CM Arwoo!
  • Xenon92Xenon92
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    I want to know about the Breath of Divinity

    supposedly the ring was not "listed" in the rewards list but it actually was then it got edited out
    I checked the list of rewards on the very first day of the books release and it clearly said breath of divinity
    why would you take out the ring midway? Last nights little server check note stated the ring will be taken out of books
    was that some kind of bait? was the ring in the books prior sc?
    You fix the ring yet you take them out of the books, why is that
  • CatoooloooCatooolooo
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    Welcome to the maple community, hopefully your time here won't be too stressful.
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