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Marvel Machine code invalid?!

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After making several tickets regarding this problem it is still not working.

I won (5) White Cubes on the marvel machine but when i enter the coupon code it says : "7ExP58t
All the tickets are closed with the same answer (We are still currently looking into this issue and we are doing our utmost best to have this resolved as soon as possible and although I cannot give you an estimated time as to when it would be fixed I would like to ask you to give us a little bit more of your patience as we work on a fix for this issue)

It have been 3 months since the first ticket i made... I was wondering if the problem get solved through this forum.


  • InvulgoInvulgo
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    Hello =)

    Unfortunately that's not fixed. Personally have an active ticket regarding this issue.
  • CrysteelCrysteel
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    Yea, I have the same issue. Been wanting to use these from Marvel for months now, but you can't redeem the code, and nothing (to my knowledge) has been done about it.