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Afterlands Quest Disconnect

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Bug type:
Disconnect/Log in Failure

Brief bug summary:
If I click the dimensional mirror to enter afterlands, it works fine until I get transported to the Land of Warriors. Then while the sun becomes a moon (or vice versa), I get disconnected with the error: missing files, please redownload maplestory. I cannot even log into this character as it spawns me in the map, and then I get disconnected again.

More details:
I have tried to log in with other characters and that works fine, and even once did like 3 quests in this story line, but since that day, I can no longer enter the Afterlands. I have also tried restarting the laptop, redownloading Maplestory, and in all cases, the issue continues to persist. The only solution so far has been to send a ticket to Nexon and have a GM teleport me to another map.

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Steps to reproduce:
1) Go to dimensional mirror and click on afterlands
2) Follow through cutscenes till it prompts you to "enter last location"
3) For me, the last location is the The Land of Warriors with the big sun/moon ball
4) It will disconnect you
5) If you try logging in now to the character, you will disconnect.

Character name:
Character level:
Character job:
Dark Knight
World name:
Date and time of the incident:
Latest time is 11:27 PM (PST) 3/12/2017


  • Prestonian07Prestonian07
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    Bug Type: Disconnect/ login Failure
    Summary: I played coming back after several years of hiatus, this occured 03/16/2017 on Thursday. I played the character from 12:30pm CST to 5pm CST; I had to log off later while in the Afterlands, land of Warriors to be exact. When I came back around 9pm CST or 7pm PST and a cutscene emerges for 3 seconds and then I am disconnected from the game. The game insists that I have missing files and tells me to download the files. I have tried on 2 different computers both windows 10 and this is the first that it has happened. I can still run and play the game on other characters except this character.
    Current status: I have submitted a request, and the GM has forward it to the game team, however it has taken over a week. I had listed the request as solved however, it is still in the same position as being disconnected.

    Character name: PrestonianAR
    Character Level: 93
    Character Job: Aran
    World: Reboot
    Date and Time of the incident: Thursday 03/16/ 2017 9pm (CST)