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Succubus Android not permanent?

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Hello, I've also made a post at the bug section, but since this covers both I'll also put a note about it here.

I've bought a Philosopher Book yesterday and was pretty happy to see I got an Succubus Android out of it. Upon opening I noticed that it was a timed android. I thought this was a bit odd considering people would pay quite a lot for it. I looked this up on the internet to see if it was ment to be timed, and stumbled upon something pretty odd. Apparently, some time ago, also upon the release of Philosopher Books, it would give timed succubus android coupons, instead of permanent ones (Which it was supposed to give). Nexon later gave out permanent ones for the people affected by this bug.

I hope to see the people who got a timed Succubus Android, including me, receive a permanent one a while later(Considering this one is timed, and it would be unfair to have two, hence 'a while later').


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    Hey, I have the same problem too. I bought one a while ago and saw that it wasn't permanent.

    I was also one of the people affected by the previous release, so it's really frustrating. The reason why I bought another one is because the Game Team decided to give out permanent ones to the people who received them from the Philosopher Book. I bought mine from the Free Market so I wasn't compensated...

    Hopefully this time around compensation will go to people who own the android. I think that would make the most sense.