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New player looking for friends :(

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Hey guys,
I'm new to this game, playing on European - Luna Server ! I'm looking for people either new or experienced to play with, I don't really give much importance to that, just that if you're new, we could discover together and hopefully farm the same maps ( I'm currently lvl 7X ). And if you're an exper you could just help me out and teach me useful things ;) I'm don't want free stuff don't worry, I like playing games legitly.
My preferences would be to join a discord or teamspeak, I don't know if you have some community servers for that ?
I can speak french, german and english !
Hope to cya soon

ps: I'm no gurl sry


  • BIackbeanBIackbean
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    hello welcome! I love EMS players welcome to GMS !
  • WhitePlayboyWhitePlayboy
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    Hello KKenza you search for other players? add me WhitePlayboy
  • AngelRose59AngelRose59
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    I am RoseyPosey on there. It was supposed to be RoseyPosey, but I spelled it wrong. WhitePlayboy and KKenZza, I will add you both and KkenZza, is that your name on LUNA?
  • YonaxYonax
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    Welcome to Luna,

    Feel free to add me on Yonaku if you need any advice, hope you will have a nice stay!