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Boyfriend Troubles

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I just love it when we had plans to clean the house at 10:00 Am but he decides to sleep in. If I did that he would yell and say why didn't you set a alarm. We both agreed last night we would have a gameplan.but he confronts me about it saying it was 10:30 instead of 10:00. He even saw the clock and said okay to it. He then telling me I'm a D-head. Maybe I am when you are to me when I don't wake up but when I decided to fully wake up and clean for the day your lazy Arse don't want to do it. That right there is sad. If you really love somebody you would wake up for them and do teamwork I guess his love aint strong enough. Let me add to that, he wakes up and when he is in the shower he goes aren't u going to clean when I'm in the shower. I said what happened to team cleaning. He goes you can still do it. I'm like why when your lazy ass didn't wanna get up. He goes so you did a little cleaning do you want a cookie or a brownie. I wanted to slap him across the face. ERRRRRRR!!!!


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