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How to Apply for Volunteer Forum Moderator

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Ahoy, Maplers!

We're currently seeking new Volunteer Forum Moderators (VFM) to assist us here on the forums. Candidates must be motivated and passionate towards making improvements to the community and the Maple World.

Have fun with your community, support your community, and be a role model for your community.
If you feel that you can be a reflection of these key roles, we encourage you to apply to become a MapleStory VFM.

Expectations of a VFM:

- 18 Years or older.
- Must be active and on the MapleStory forums.
- No history of using exploits or illegitimate programs.
- Moderate and participate on the Maple community forums.
- Be courteous and kind towards other forum members.
- Uphold the Forum Code of Conduct and enforce the rules fairly.
- Assist planning ideas for creative and fun contests on the forums.
- Provide a helping hand on community temperature reports.
- Must be levelheaded when addressing difficult situations.
- Must possess excellent written and communication skills.
- Must not be a supporter of the Black Mage.

Read Below to Apply:

Create a new thread in the VFM Application Section and follow instructions below:

The Thread's Title should follow this structure: “Your Forum Name – Mod Application”.

Please answer the following questions:
A brief description of why you'd like to become a VFM.
What do you hope to accomplish as a VFM??
Do you have any experience moderating for other communities?

Please keep in mind that this is an open application process. This means fellow community members are free to comment on your application and provide feedback. For Maplers who post in the applications of others, please be respectful and constructive with your feedback.

Applications that do not follow the instructions provided in this thread will be closed immediately.
Applications that are created for the purpose of attacking or trolling the community, company, or specific individuals will be closed and the creator will receive an infraction.
Threads that aren't applications in this section of the forums will be closed immediately.

The community team will review the feedback left by players and each individual application before making the final decision.

If we are interested in recruiting you as a VFM we will notify you via PM.
There is no set date on when we will reach out to the applicants we're interested in. However, candidates will receive a private message when we decide to move forward with selections.

If you have any further questions regarding the application process, please private message any member of the current community team.

Thank you, Maplers!


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    Ahoy once more, Maplers!

    We'll be closing the applications at the end of this month (April 30th)
    We're grateful to see many Maplers interested in joining the community team and cannot wait to bring aboard new members!

    After this section comes to a close we'll be sending out PMs to those that were selected for the next step.
    There will be plenty of opportunities in the future to join the MapleStory community team so do not be discouraged if you weren't selected this time.

    We look forward to continually reviewing each application and the feedback the community has left in the meantime.
    Thank you,

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