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RaysOffice2016 - Mod Application

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Greetings, My name is Ray as you all know by RaysOffice2016 and I would be happy to join the team as a Moderator for this forum. I wanted to join the team because I wanted to show my profession as a Office Technology graduate student. I want to show people what I have learned in college and bring it to a forum setting. I have the skills and training to assist people needs, provide accurate information, show good leadership skills, and also provide assistance as best as I could to the public. In Maplestory if a player is stuck on a map or a glitched item is in their inventory I would help the player try and resolve the issue by providing them information on how to fix it. If that don't work we can try option B by bringing it up to one of maplestory customer service departments to provide them with a ticket to fix the issue.

I hope to accomplish as a VFM that the Community can come back together again so we can grow and make maplestory great again. I want to help make people happy and show that I'm a team player and that nobody will be left behind. We as a community will make new players feel welcomed.

I have experience on Facebook a group that I joined and was made Moderator for my excellent communication skills. I patrol the people requests and messages that they send. We want the community to be growing instead of losing people over bad posts.

Here is my picture of me being a Moderator on facebook


Thanks for your time,

- RaysOffice2016


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    Goodluck to the other Participants <3 My heart goes out to all of you :)