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Maple Story Resources & Links

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Hello! This thread is here as a list of resources, both fanmade and official, for Maplestory's lore.

For a brief, official summary of places, people, and concepts, please visit the Explore Maplestory page on the main website.

For a general (if a bit narrative) overview of the storyline so far, please visit MapleLore.

For information on specific characters or places, try visiting the MapleWiki. The wiki can be edited by anyone, so if you have any information to share please feel free!

For video guides on specific areas of the game, check out YouTuber Saught and his video series.

If what you want to know isn't in any of these links, feel free to ask the community, we'll be happy to help!

Let's have a lot of fun experiencing the many chapters in the Maple Story!