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Look of the Month Contest April.


  • PotatofuPotatofu
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    IGN: Valkyrie

    World: Zenith (GRAZED)

    • AbsoLab Piercing Spear
    • Gray Puppy Ears
    • Cyclops Bandana
    • No Biting!
    • Flutter Flower Knit
    • Black Bandage
    • Gear Wing
    • Spider Label Ring

    This outfit was created to commemorate completing my AbsoLab spear. I've always been a sucker for pretty poking sticks, so when AbsoLabs were released, I just knew I had to make this beauty my new main weapon. It took a while to actually acquire the bloody thing, then just as long to make it usable, but I must say that it was well worth the wait. Seeing as this contest made a return the very same month, I decided, "Why not? Let's celebrate the occasion!"

    Anyway, enough backstory, let's get to the real point. And an important point it is, because I designed this look to emphasize the pointiness that defines a good spear. From the label to the ears, the general idea is to flare out in all directions. Besides their inherent pointy factor, the wings were equipped to give the illusion of a pike at the tail end of the spear. On top of it all, I threw in silver hair and a yokai face to paint a pseudo nine-tailed fox impression.

    It seems this year we're having Halloween in April. I've got my costume, do you have yours?
  • SonzeSonze
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    IGN: Murmp
    World: Khaini

    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    Fluttering Sunhat (Hat)
    Dollish Pink (Face accessory)
    Japanesque Dress (Overall)
    Pink Seraphim (Weapon)
    Pink Floating Ribbon (Cape)
    Shiny Anklet (Shoes)
    Transparent Gloves (Gloves)
    Mystic Earrings (Earrings)
    (Mir not included in outfit, but a welcome addition nonetheless.)

    What look you're going for (theme): Pink. Really, that’s the gist of it. It does work well as a spring outfit, what with the sunhat. Best suited for a picnic, maybe?

    [Bonus featuring lucids: ( x )]
  • FennekinFennekin
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    IGN: Amayzee

    World: Galicia

    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    Forsythia Picnic
    Orchid's Bunny Doll
    Soaring Cloud
    Sheep Label Ring
    Rainbow Face Paint
    Lucid Butterfly Ring
    Aloha Flower Accessory

    What look you're going for (theme):
    lol spring. My character's name is based on the Amazy Dayzee's from Paper Mario. Not really going for a cosplay, though. That'd look weird lol, but then maybe more people would get the reference I'm going for (I feel like most people think my name is just some hipster way of saying "Amaze").
  • BluejeansBluejeans
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    IGN: Love

    World: Luna

    Hair, face and NX covers:
    Black Cecilia Twist
    Green PPL Face

    Smile Seed Hat
    Flushed Cheeks
    Villain's Cool Tights
    Wonky's Leaf
    White Label Ring
    Transparent Eye Accessory
    Transparent Shoes
    Transparent Earrings
    Transparent Gloves
    Transparent Cape

    The main theme spring is being shown in the weapon (Wonky's Leaf) and the hat (Smile Seed Hat). As a fan of minimalism, I find it unnecessary to add more green components into the outfit. A plain black overall (Villain's Cool Tights) along with transparent items are used in order to keep the minimalistic look. Black hair colour to match the overall, green eyes to match the weapon and hat.
  • KradiaRogueKradiaRogue
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    IGN: Jess
    World: Luna

    My character is wearing:
    - Purple Flower Headwrap
    - Ice Cold Red
    - Transparent Eye Accessory
    - Transparent Earrings
    - Pink-Dotted Top
    - Cowboy Shorts
    - Transparent Gloves
    - Concert Muse
    - Bunny Slippers
    - White Label Ring
    My character's beauty salon: Brown Soprano Hair and Purple Wounded Look.

    The main theme I'm going for is pretty colors, butterflies and sparkles. Since spring is making everything more colorful, I figured I should follow that trend c: . I'm also in love with how the Concert Muse cape perfectly matches the Butterfly Love Flower Chair!!
  • DatLightGurlDatLightGurl
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    IGN: DatLightGurl

    World: Luna

    - Chicky Suds Hat
    - Nom Nom Oz
    - Transparent Eye Accessory
    - Oversized Oxford
    - Transparent Shoes
    - Transparent Gloves
    - Chicky Pile
    - Bubbling Shot
    - Blue Shooting Star Ring
    - Quack Quack Label Ring

    BUBBLES! AND DUCKS! AND CHICKEN! Ok, all in one, I wanted to make a kind of bathroom / bathing style, with the Oversized Oxford as a robe you put on after a hot bath, and the Nom Nom Oz face as the satisfied look you make after bathing. (I love bubbles and ducks though and they perfectly fit into the bathing theme!)
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