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EMS Beast Tamer looking for training partners.

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If there's anyone in Luna that could need a training partner who's a quick mobber and has decent party buffs, I'm up.

My cat mode allows for permanent HS without it having to be re-cast in case I need to do something, also have drop and damage % buffs, as well as ignoring enemy defense.

I am somewhat funded and can mob well, I usually harness approximately 1 - 1.2 bil exp per hour by myself in Excavation Site 2 at level 200. I might venture elsewhere if you have any suggestions.

Preferably GMT based players as American timezone might make it difficult for us to train as I am on at midday or noon. But, if you can' compromise, don't hesitate!

Leave your in game name if you're up for a session.
I usually train at intervals of 4-4 or 6 hours at a time.


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    Yoo, Luna here, tell-me ur skype and lets see what we can do.