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GUILDS - Renegades and Khaini

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First off, I think Guilds should have a section of their own. Not be in the classififieds. Second of all, I think that they all should be sorted in there own servers, also.

On Renegades, I am level 73. I am looking to join a Guild that will not say, you have to be 150+ to join.

I am a grinder. I am on daily. I love to play Maple Story. I just started AGAIN, last week. I did not know that Maple Story was back up, or I would have started earlier :/

On Khaini, I have a few characters. One, includes Pink Bean :D I am looking to join a Guild on Khaini, as well. My characters are levels 30 - 50??.

If you are a diligent and ongoing Guild that loves to help it's members grind as well as give advice, than you are the Guild that I am looking for. I am AngelRose59 on Renegades. I think that is my name, anywayz. I am RoseAngel59 on Khaini and AngelRose and a couple more names that I cannot rememher the names of.

On Renegades, I have a Hayato Warrior. She totally ROCKS the house!!! My Pink Bean is totally cool too. I think he/she is in his/her 50's. But he/she is on Khaini.

I am an older woman. 59 years of age, I will be 60 on December 1st of this year . . . YAY :D??? I have played a lot of MMORPG games. Just love them. I am married to my Hubby of 63 and his name is Robert :D

You can get in touch with me on here, or angelaevelynhahn@gmail.com or Angela Hahn on Facebook. It is the one with the pic of my Hubby sitting in his wheelchair and me standing behind him. There are arms wrapped around him, it was something that came with the picture so I made them look like they were wrapped around my Hubby. But you cannot tell that he is in a wheelchair. It just looks like he is sitting down.

Please get in touch with me if you are an active Guild. If you friend me on Facebook, please just note that you are from Maple Story.

Thank You So Much :D

An gela E Hahn