Favorite Moments?

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What are some of your favorite moments in Maple's storylines?

My personal favorite would have to be Gelimer forcing his robots to self-destruct with you... Only for them to gain emotions and latch onto their "father", blowing him up instead. After all the crap he puts you through in Black Heaven, it feels soooo good. I couldn't have possibly come up with a better punishment.

Pretty much anything that Angelic Buster says in her questlines is pure gold too.


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    Id have to say my favourite lore would be that of killian and morgan le fay, the short story is very well written and helps give the headless horseman an awesome background, 2 lovers together forever, one as the horseman and one as the noble steed, poetic. Though its strange how he isnt present within masteria through time as (based on his background) he was supposed to be there at the time.
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    lol for real though, Secret Stories surprised the hell out of me. I actually almost passed on it. Since it was an event that was supposedly one-off, I thought it'd be low-effort garbage. But goddam, it played more cinematically than Black Heaven! They made actual cg portraits for the major characters (with different facial expressions, no less) rather than just enlarging their sprite. The music was on f-ing point (I heard some of it was recycled, but still, it really enhanced the atmosphere). Everyone stayed perfectly in-character (Stan hating whippersnappers, Phantom being sarcastic and witty but kind, etc.) and even had their backstories expanded upon. The characters introduced in the story had colorful backgrounds and had their personalities developed well despite the short amount of time they had. The sprite animations and scripted cutscenes (example above lol). And the humor was there, but not really cringey/forced/in-your-face/oversaturated (imagine Dunkey's comments on Andromeda's attempts at humor lol). The hunters' accents stand out. As do some of the dialogue choices in Maid to Order.

    I liked Heroes of Maple for a lot of the same reasons. Portraits for the main characters, fitting music, the heroes staying in-character, a good bit of humor (everyone suspecting Phantom of lifting gold when it was actually the poor farm boy and his dragon lol), and them expanding upon the heroes' personalities, motivations, and relationship with each other. Phantom and Luminous especially. That huge argument that they had (which led to a fight) had me 100% engaged in the story lol. I wasn't a fan of the laser minigame though. Was kinda annoying.