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Maple does not work after recent update

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After the recent update this previous Thursday my maple freezes about 5 seconds after logging into a character. I went through support and all of their suggestions were not helpful.
I am sorry our suggestions have not been helpful in solving your issue. I know how it can be not being able to make things work and I apologize for the inconvenience.

When followed thoroughly, the guides we provide do fix most of our player’s issues. This has not been the case with your problem and at this point we have exhausted all our troubleshooting steps.

I encourage you to please review all the guides and FAQ links previously given to you and re-verify that everything has been done according to the instructions.

I also encourage you to contact your ISP (Internet Service provider) and consult them for possible solutions to the issue. A few more suggestions would be to review the minimum requirements for the game and verify everything is up to date with your PC.

If at any moment you feel you have missed something where we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again by opening another ticket.

Everything worked perfectly before the patch and I did not change anything on my system.

  • maple does not work after going into a clean boot
  • maple does not work with windows defender real time protection off
  • it's nothing to do with my ISP as it works on a laptop using obviously the same internet connection
  • drivers are all up to date
  • repairing the client does nothing
  • fresh install of nexon launcher and maple does nothing
  • ....


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    I used to have this problem when I had previously been disconnected due to a maintenance. Try doing a full shutdown and see if that helps at all?