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Attendance ended early?


  • FennekinFennekin
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    AKradian wrote: »
    Fennekin wrote: »
    The Teeny White Monkey Attendance thing says it starts today but I don't see it in the Event Star. .
    Would be hilarious if there aren't any extra days for that attendance either lol, since we won't be able to start it until the maintenance ends (AT 12 PM PDT.......... y'know, 5 hours before reset, when most people are still at work/school :/ )

    You can start it right now if you want to.
    Could have started it five hours ago, in fact.

    Dangit, read this right after I did all my dailies.

    Woo, back to 200 kills and plenty of days to spare.
  • ArwooArwoo
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    I'd like to inform everyone that we're aware that the attendance event had zero buffer days with the first day being extremely tight due to the maintenance plus the server reset time.

    Currently, we're discussing with our team on how we plan to proceed with the recent issue with the Spring Heatwave attendance event.
    Until we've reached and announced our conclusion, please hold onto your horses!

  • AK712AK712
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    I have a suggestion.

    The Thursday box next week (since tomorrow's is far too close to do this all in an hour) could include all of the unclaimed rewards the players had, plus the reward for the one day after the reward they were at when the reset happened. This way, everyone gets all of their items in a neat package.