Game Suggestion Survey pop-up.


  • piercedfreakpiercedfreak
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    edited April 20
    I get it whenever I switch characters, and tonight, I got it randomly during the game. I was suddenly dropped to my desktop, and it popped up. This is ridiculous, and needs to be removed.
  • SabbmonsterSabbmonster
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    It popped up three times in rapid succession when I logged out. I also get it whenever I switch characters. Shutting down doesn't help because it was doing this yesterday to me too.
  • RailBirdRailBird
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    I get the popup EVERY time I log out to the Character Selection screen. What's worse is that it crashes my game more often than not.
  • DaisukeHarutoDaisukeHaruto
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    It is getting aggravating Nexon. Just turn it off already.
  • SaifsSaifs
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    gotta disable internet explorer.