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Not able to log into my account after asking nexon

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To change my E-mail

I sent a ticket to nexon asking them to change my e-mail to a 12 years old account. few hours later my account is gone.

I am getting an error that the account does not exist or the password is incorrect.

anyone else have this problem ? I cannot send a ticket since currently nexon are holding the account with no access to it at all !

maybe they made a mistake with the new e-mail provided to them ? I am missing all the game events and rewards, I was in the middle of doing them all.


  • UzumeUzume
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    Try to send them a ticket on a separate account, and informing them that you are the owner of the original account (with proof, of course) and need to have things looked over or changed again.

    That's what I'd do, because I'm unsure if there's much else that can be done since I don't think Nexon has a call center or something lol.
  • AKradianAKradian
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    They don't have a call center but they do have live chat support.
    My guess is that someone mistyped the email you asked them to use.