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I was wondering something? It said that I could change my character to a pink bean for 10 minutes. So, I did. I thought that it would be neat, even though I have a Pink Bean on my other character. Well, I thought that it would be able to fight and do everything that it is supposed to do, or carry over my Zenons attributes, at least, but, all to no avail??? It DOESN'T do ANYTHING??? Why???

Can you make it so it could at least fight? I was even trying to click on the usual controls that the normal Pink Bean uses, but that did NOT work either??? How frustrating to be in a forest of monsters, THANK GOD, they were not my own lvl or higher, and not be able to fight them!!!


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    Transform potions in general only change your appearance. They don't give you any new skills, and they don't allow you to use your regular skills either.
    Most people only use them for fun in towns, not out in the field where there are monsters.
    If you accidentally use such a potion where it's dangerous, or somebody transforms you in town when you don't want to be, you can right-click the transformation icon on the top-right corner of your screen, to cancel the transformation and return to yourself.