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I have three Cubic Blades? I was just wondering how to use them?

Is there anywhere that I can go to get information on stuff, so I don't have to ask so many questions?


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    You use them to craft Master Craftsman's Cubes, which require getting to level 11 in Smithing.
    Or you can sell them on Auction House for a few million meso. (Search on there first, to see what the going price is in your server).

    As for asking questions: joining a guild with nice helpful people would be a good start. For information in general you can try the MapleStory Wikia or Ayumilove. Or just in general Google, since there are random guides scattered through Basilmarket, Reddit, youtube, and elsewhere. (Warning: some of the results that come up on google lead to sites that promote hacking the game. So try to stick to the sites I listed by name).

    And finally, on these forums, you're supposed to ask your question in the General Chat section, since the old "Questions" section got removed. This section, the "classifieds", is like the "classified ads" section of a newspaper: buying, selling, and recruiting.