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Raven Key Quest "Afterlands"

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So I have come to complete, ALL of the afterlands quests, everyone of them, except I dont have the raven key. Even though I did the quest for the "Obvivion Girl" or what ever her name is in the quest line, I didn't get the key. So does anyone know how to get it ? Much appreciated, I just want my totems.


  • link37890link37890
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    The raven boss is supposed to drop the key, and you should get a quest bubble of you making sure it's a key
  • XanantXanant
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    Haven't gotten the raven key either -- missed the quest now it's gone forever
  • MiraMira
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    It's not the girl that gives you the quest, it's the dude on the left. It's entitled something like 'The Cry of the Horrid Deathbeest' - you need to kill the Raven boss in the third map and you'll get the Raven Key.

    [EDIT] This quest was bugged for me 2 patches ago on my Demon Slayer - not sure if it might have come back with the new patch =S.