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Look of the Month - July


  • NarwhalNarwhal
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    IGN: Bälloon

    World: Kradia

    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    Map: Gold Beach: Gold Beach Seaside 1
    Hair: Black Oh So Windy
    Mini Mini Flower Pin
    Hangover Make-up
    Polar Explorer Sunglasses
    British Marine Outfit (F) (female)
    Soft Plush Dolphin
    Snow Earrings
    Spring Energy
    Rainbow Marbles
    Shoes of Life
    Luxury Pearl Label Ring

    Theme: Ah! The nice ocean breeze, the soft warm sand between my toes! This look was meant to encapsulate the wonderful feeling of casually strolling along the beach~
  • MrGoombaMrGoomba
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    It seems you have submitted your entry after the deadline, Narwhal. Your submission probably won't count for this months contest, I'm afraid.
    AlexF wrote: »
    • Look of the Month Contest July - Official Rules
    • No multiple submissions
    • No plagiarism
    • No inappropriate content (Definition of inappropriate is left up to the decision of the judges)
    • The use of sites such as BannedStory to simulate environments and character outfits is NOT permitted.
    • Entries must be submitted within the submission time limit which will run from the time of this post to July 25th, 2017 at 12 PM / Noon (Pacific Time).
    • Any breach of these rules is grounds for disqualification
    • All decisions of the judges are final
    • Players that have been banned in the game are not allowed to win this contest.

  • NarwhalNarwhal
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    Yea, i submit it then looked at the rules lmao. MB </3
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