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Ragone's Maplestory Montage: This is Maplestory

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Hello everyone,

I've been playing MS for quite a while now and every now and then I made a montage. It usually revolved around my Dark Knight, Ragone.. but this time I had decided to include other players as well. Eventually I asked for their permission to use/edit their videos for this montage. It goes without saying that I am incredibly grateful for their support!

So yeah.. here is the montage. I hope you will enjoy it!

If you have any question, you can ask me here or contact me in-game (Luna). I am always happy to meet new maplers.



  • MaplerOver9000MaplerOver9000
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    WOAH. This is S O C O O L WWWTTTTHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AdrianziAdrianzi
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    This is good, keep it up ;)
  • YakudleYakudle
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    pretty good but you forgot some bosses