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Accented Names "?" than the actual accent mark

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Hello :D
So, when i see people with "?" in there names and they do a smega selling something, and if they have a question mark in there names, i really got no idea what letter that's supposed to be i did type the ? in there name and it says players not found x'D. So it would be nice if i could see what accent alphabet they used so i could copy and paste it and at least be able to whisper them or add them as a friend from a far.

the only accented alphabet that shows up is the " ÿ" but there's some space after the ÿ in the game so it's also an issue sorta.

Thanks for reading :D


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    I have the same issue, it's because my computer's language for non-unicode programs is set to Korean (Korea). You can find this setting under the Control Panel -> Clock, Language, and Region settings -> Region -> Administrative, at least, under Windows 10. I know for sure if it's set to English (United States), the accents show up properly.