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Non-Leeching Perma Beginner Type Class Guide


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    nikoflame wrote: »
    You're missing the ??? type of beginner (Shade before becoming Shade, literally called "???"). They have NO skills at all, and you need to wait for an event that moves you in order to leave the starter area. EXTREMELY RARE, and I have one! Since it has no skills at all, it's definitely the most respected beginner, especially as a non-leecher.

    Respected - as long as they don't abuse glitches and/or Nexon staff ignorance to get out of their starter area.
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    Hey Guys!

    Oldschool EMS Player, returning to find account gone - Trying to casually rebuild a perma beginner.
    Any other beginners still around want to play, hang out or help. Feel free to add me on 'Transparency' on Luna.