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Lf friends and a guild!

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Hello I just started the game yesterday on Scania with a burning character. I'm trying to find some friends and a guild to maybe grind with or do a boss . I'm kinda stuck at the moment because i'm not sure how to get my damage up much higher than it is, so i'm also looking for some helpful advice or guidance on how to possibly make my damage a bit higher. I look forward to meeting anyone interested. Also, i'm level 154 and a luminous. My ign is - Miayami


  • IAlanSatoshiIAlanSatoshi
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    @Himariichan I don't have a Guild anymore but I'll be more than happy to help you with whatever I can c:
  • DeputyDerpyDeputyDerpy
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    Hello! Are you still looking for a guild? (:

    Just noticedit's for scania. But I do play it the world once in a while, I'll add you.