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[Reboot] Recruiting ' Shame '

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Hello everyone. I'm recruiting members to my newly made guild in Reboot. It's called Shame, the reason I chose this name is that we all have something to feel a shame of ourselves. I know it's a bit cliche and cringy but that's the best I could do.
If my warning point is something that may be preventing you to join, then I want to tell you how stupid I was and I didn't think my word hurt anyone.
Welcome to Shame!

We are a guild with one purpose which is to be proud of what shame you've endured.
Our discord is currently private to only guild members as it would make sense that way, but those who left can still stay as long as you don't poach our members.
We don't ask that you progress to end-game. Do the best you can and play the way you like it. We're all human being with time running out from our hands.

  • Must be at least level 50+
  • Must be active (1 hour a day is fine).
  • Please be friendly if you could, not a requirement, but preferably.
  • Follow the ToS or ToC of MapleStory. (Terms of Condition/Service)

To Apply
Open the guild tab > click find guild > select guild name > type Shame and click search. Click the request to join.
Easy, right?

The rest of the information is in the guild BBS/Board.

whisper me if you wish to join the guild: ShadyYuri or my alt lewdboi69
It's a brand new guild, so we (I) don't have any emblem or enough slots. The maximum I have currently is 10, would love to have an emblem and an increase of slots. So please join my guild to do daily bosses. I am also accepting alliance invite when I have enough GP (if that's needed).