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Suggestions for Kaisers poor mobbing right now

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Good afternoon,
After maining a kaiser for quite some time, I have realised that in terms of mobbing, training and farming nodes we fall behind a lot of classes.
There are two reasons why kaisers are bad at mobbing:
1. They are the only warrior that cant jump and use the mobbing skill(blade burst) at the same time, so when we cast it we cant move.
2. It has very little lines or very small damage %
Now I will explain why this two issues make kaisers mobbing quite bad and makes that not many people decide to play this class( yes seeing a high level kaiser in my own experience is really rare these days):
Because we cant jump attack with this skill we cant move around the map as fast as many other classes that can so we level and farm much slower.
Because Blade burst has so little lines or so low dmg% we are being outdamaged by a lot of classes( like I yesterday saw a cannon shooter do 15m damage per line and he was 1 shotting at vanishing journey without any trouble while Im doing 30ms per line and I dont 1 shot).
I tend to farm nodes and I have asked many of my guildmates the amount of nodes that they are getting and is as follows:
I currently have 200%drop rate+15% from decent holy symbol and Im only getting like 15-20 nodes per hour
A friend that plays NL is getting like 40-50 or even more nodes per hour
The difference is abysmal as you can see.
After explaining the problem with the mobbing of kaisers here are some suggestions:
Ill put a description of blade burst skill:
Max lv 20: Mobs hit 12, damage: 300%, number of attacks 5. Explosion damage hits 12 enemies for 225% damage 4 times.
1-One of my suggestions would be deleting completelly that explosion that happens after the skill, (since it sometimes has a delay and doesnt kill the monsters or for example if you are hitting with the skill monsters from 2 platforms, the platform that is above you doesnt receive that explosion so you deal less damage), and adding that 4 lines to the skill, so that instead of 5 lines, it deals 9 lines at once, not split it into 2 stages.
2- Another suggestion could be that you nexon redesign the skill completelly so that we can jump and attack with it.
3- Last but not least, add more %damage to the skill so that we can compete with other classes in terms of mobbing.
In conclusion, this suggestions are so that kaiser is more balanced and fun to play, so that more people is interested on the class and decides to main this class.
It is a shame that the mobbig of this class is so bad since I have heard countless times the same thing from various persons, they find the class atractive, they like the flashyness of the skills and the fact that you can transform into a semi dragon, but they hate their mobbing and they end up getting frustrated and they end quitting the class or not making it at all.
Thank you for listening and reading this post.
I am looking forward to see improvements on the class so that more and more maplers enjoy it, since the character design and the idea behind this job is amazing.

A Kaiser.