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[Reboot] Recruiting - Scuffed -

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Guild Name: Scuffed

Hey everyone, a couple of friends and I have started up a new guild and are looking for active members.
  • Currently, we have fewer than 10 members
  • A few of us are able to carry bosses (CRA, Hellux, HHilla, etc.)
  • We have just started up a discord server with plenty of useful links and guides
  • There are currently no set requirements; however, we hope that you'll contribute to earning guild points in any way that you can
  • It doesn't matter what level you are, but we would highly prefer that you apply with your main account!
  • Everyone is welcome! Whether you've been playing since 2005 or just started last week, we'd love to have you!

We don't have much experience running a guild, but we're looking to create a friendly, helpful, and fun environment for everyone.
If this something you think you'll be interested in, you can apply using the guild tab, message me in-game (BootherBlast) or message our guild leader (bidof).