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Luna EU - Ureshii Recruiting members.

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Ureshii (Happy) is a rather old guild in Maple EU that recently began recruiting new members. We are a close knitted community who focus solely on the bond between our members, damages, ranges, and such are what we'd consider individual goals for the most part.
We are a rather small guild, with a total of 15 members (roughly 4-5 of those being mules). We prioritize helping each other, carrying each other and working as a team to better ourselves together.

Ureshii is a social guild for those leisure players, or even hardcore gamers who just want a guild that is tight. Slots are open but limited as we want to integrate users and make them feel at home before we add more, so if you're looking for a guild that adds 20 users a day, this isn't the place for you. But if you're after a guild where you can feel close and safe with your fellow mapler, a guild where a helping hand isn't far away and a place where no one mocks you for your damage, then you're more than welcome to give us a try.
A little heads-up in case you're that type'a fella; Ureshii has many people whom share passion for K-POP, Anime, Dramas, and the likes. :)

Our rules are simple.
[+] Be mature. Our users range all the way from age 16 - 29, but we all have a certain level of maturity. Of course, the occasional nitwit humor is appreciated.
[+] Be online a bare minimum of 3 times per week.
[+] Your main character in the guild must be at least level 150.
[+] You must understand the English language, or any other Nordic / Germanic language as the guild is multilingual, mostly in European.
[+] Do not have a reputation of being an abusive player, we do not enjoy drama nor unwanted attention drawn toward us.

We've got a discord, hit us up at Ureshii MapleStory Europe.
Or whisper one of our staff for a short interview: ChuChuRu | Solarcasmx | MrWilder | Enamei

You will be put on a trial to see how you bond with the guild and we'll take it from there!


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    Update to this. Our Jr. / Alternate guild Beyond is recruiting people under level 150 if you want to work your way up into Ureshii or need a guild home as a newcomer / lower levels.

    The general rules still apply in terms of being a decent and honest player.
    Contact: MrWilder | WildersHayato | WildersBish