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[Reboot] GoldenShip

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My name is Eli and I would like to welcome you to GoldenShip. We're the kind of guild that would help you
in your time of need.

"Why did you make GoldenShip?"

I made GoldenShip because I want to have a guild that has a safe space for all types of people (LGBTQ+).
I also wanted people to help each other, like a family.

What's the goal?

The goal is to talk to everyone in the guild and just plainly have fun with one another. Leveling, Bossing, and fun.

Do you have discord?

Yes, I made it yesterday and it's https://discord.gg/EA5ghxc

"Are you Active?"

I'm on daily. (I literally have nothing better to do.)

Please Join this guild, you will not regret it!