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Rune of Greed Cancelling Meso Gear?

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edited September 2017 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Functionality - Rune

Brief bug summary: Rune of Greed lowering meso rates dropped per monster

More details:

I was meso farming on my Kanna in reboot (123% meso + Eye of time familiar), and a rune of greed showed up in my map. Once the rune was activated, I noticed a significant decrease in my meso rates (I always run battle analytics when I farm). By filtering my chat for the 'combat' tab, I saw that my rates before the rune was roughly 15-19k mesos per bag, and the rune dropped me down to about 3-5k per bag. Shortly after the rune expired, my meso rates were back up again.

I received this rune again two more times (once later that night, and one again the next day) and had the same issue. Can confirm that this is related to the rune of greed because as soon as I right click the 1 minute meso buff from the rune to cancel it, my rates are back to normal again.

Character name: Kaguera

Character level: 208

Character job: Kanna

World name: Reboot

Date and time of the incident: Sunday Sept 10, 2017 ~ 8:25PM EDT


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    Not completely sure, but could this have something to do with how drop buffs don't stack?