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[Scania] NapSociety.

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hello there!
the NapSociety is a small, casual guild founded by Bagel [MagicalBagel] and Cym [Cymsieh]. we are open to any kind or level of player that is interested in joining.
we're here to let players focus on what they find most interesting and what they most enjoy in the game - bossing, leveling, making friends and talking, etc.
although we are a casual guild, we do have rules and guildlines that are expected to be followed. please make sure to read over *at least* the guild policies before starting to interact in the quild chat and such.
thank you for taking interest the NapSociety!

guild policies:
1.) please be respectful.
griefing, interfering with other players, and otherwise being rude is not permitted. you are expected to be respectful and polite to guild members and non guild members alike.

2.) please be mature.
if someone is offended by something you said, apologize and move on; if you are offended, state that and move on. there's no need to go in depth on the matter.

3.) please use common sense.
i'm not going to list out every single conversation topic that is not allowed, please think or ask an officer before saying something you're worried something you want to say isn't allowed.

4.) please think of your audience.
we understand that sometimes you curse, it happens - but adult language in the guild chat is strongly discouraged. please try to keep it at the bare minimum possible.

let us know if you're interested!
if you have any questions, or want to join - please contact one of the guild leaders.
thank you so much for taking your time to read this, have a very nice day!


  • PigabaPigaba
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    I'm a bit late, but definitely interested in joining.
    My main is lv 204 Phantom (700K dmg). I'm just looking for a chill guild to go boss raids and goof around with.
    My in-game name is still Pigaba.