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[Reboot] [Updated x3] Sleepy


  • EtinexEtinex
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    Character Name: TheKon420
    Level: 127
    Class: Luminous
    Short bio (Optional): Used to play maple on the European servers some years back, had two level 200+ characters and used to boss a lot. Quitted though as the game just was too p2w to be fun. Now I've been playing again on reboot for a few days
  • NinjaXBlastNinjaXBlast
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    edited June 2018
    Character Name: ZeroXKaze
    Level: 119 (but increasing very fast, not sure if 130 is strict or, you can allow a slight lower level) For example I am now 124 (30 mins after I originally posted).
    Class: Wind Archer
    Short bio (Optional): I Played religiously from 2008 until 2013, but quit due to school and all the friends quitting. But now I'm returning to reboot as I heard it was interesting, but I like to get that chatting and going on boss runs together with people vibe back.
    Discord Info (Optional but recommended): Don't have one, but can get one if desired.
  • MistarKebabMistarKebab
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    Level: 174
    Class: Wind Archer
    Short bio (Optional): I have been playing maple on and off for quite a time but want to join again. I have never been in a real guild, just with my friends. I want to contribute to the guild with positive energy, help with stuff and hopefully get some help in return.
    Discord Info (Optional but recommended):
  • omegalul54omegalul54
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    Level: 182
    Class: Demon Avenger
    Short bio (Optional): I've been playing on and off since before pirates got released. Looking for a guild to help with and receive help in return.
    Discord Info (Optional but recommended): qlex#4908
  • SonicallySuperiorSonicallySuperior
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    Character Name: SonicallyAce
    Level: 143
    Class: Hero
    Short bio: Really easy going and very approachable! Been looking for a guild for awhile now.
    Discord Info: CelestialDelta#2039
  • LukeKaponeLukeKapone
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    edited September 2018
    Character name: EPineapple
    Level: 197
    Class: Angelic Buster
    Short Bio: Returning player, been on reboot since it started. Love helping guild members with bossing. Always striving to improve. Senior in college irl.
    Discord: will post in guild chat
  • hyacahyaca
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    Character Name: BelleKawaii
    Short bio (Optional):First Char on Reboot
    Discord Info (Optional but recommended):will post in guild chat