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[Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing


  • TharRandomPersonTharRandomPerson
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    now we have to wait a year before arwoo tells us that they 'changed' haku's blessing and it makes kannas even worse again

    honestly if there's so many people right here who all dissagree it's not even a vocal minority it's a vocal majority, so stop neglecting them and actually listen
  • DodochDodoch
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    now we have to wait a year before arwoo tells us that they 'changed' haku's blessing and it makes kannas even worse again

    honestly if there's so many people right here who all dissagree it's not even a vocal minority it's a vocal majority, so stop neglecting them and actually listen

    Arwoo is gone, so don't expect to hear anything from him. We'll have to wait till new CM gets up to date with current affairs to expect a reply.
  • ArgentArgent
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    Maple Memo: v203 Status Update – Apr. 12

    I am both intrigued and terrified at what you plan to do to Kanna.

    I think I'll hold off turning in my droplets for my Haku's fan until I hear more.
  • TsundereKyuTsundereKyu
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    What is everybody's hope for the Kanna changes?

    personally i hope they let us dress up haku yknow that's the biggest thing i want
  • ArgentArgent
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    To say I’m not worried would be an understatement. Nexon doesn’t exactly have the best track record and with this major revamp there are so many areas that things can go wrong, be implemented poorly or change in a direction that no longer aligns with how I want to play. We have been told Nexon wants to emphasize the classes strengths and unique features, but they will also be changing a large number of her skills and that Nexon also wants to address some other issues their team and players have brought up. Right now many consider her a support mule where stats don’t matter, either for mobbing with Kishin or in bosses with Domain, Bellflower Barrier, Binds and Haku’s Blessing (if party members are mages). She’s high on offensive support buffs and low on individual damage output.

    There is a whole lot to consider when trying to balance the class so she doesn’t exist just as a mule, while also not nerfing those great skills into oblivion.

    On the mobbing side, we are going to have a new kishin item, the respawn delay increase for kishin and likely the removal of teleport farming. While the new item will be good for players that don’t have access to a 2nd PC, it’s not meant to replace kishin and therefore will likely mean that the two PC meta continues. If Kanna’s mobbing sees decent improvement while manually farming the meta may stay with the class being the main farmers, but I think this is something Nexon is going to try to discourage.

    I personally would like to see better mobbing. Part of the problem as I see it is that many of the maps from Morass on are much larger and have a poor layout. The more maps player are able to be effective in the better, once teleport farming is gone we are probably going to see a lot more competition for certain maps. Improvements for Kanna to keep them out of those maps would be, faster teleporting, reduced cost and cast animations for Orochi or other AOE skills, and summons not despawning when the player moves too far away.

    For bossing there have been a huge number of complaints against Kanna. Notably that her binds are 20 seconds, twice the duration of other classes. While I do see Kanna’s binds as strong I don’t believe they are as overpowered as some make them out to be. For Kanna individually, the cast delay on both her binds is long enough that it a significant moment of vulnerability. Additionally, even if the bind successful, endgame bosses tend to move or teleport during the bind. From experience, is incredibly frustrating to see Lucid drop off the map out of view for the entire duration or have Damien teleport a couple of times.

    There are two ways I would attempt to address Kanna’s binds. Ideally, the formula for increased bind duration should be reworked so that all classes have an opportunity for 20-second binds. Another option would be for her binds to be an iframe but the bind duration is lowered to what other classes give.

    I believe it was stated that Nexon won’t be touching Kanna’s 5th job skills and that’s fine for the most part. But for summons, including Domain and Yuki, most would appreciate if they stopped despawning.

    Haku’s skills are supposedly going to be looked at and somehow streamlined. This is probably what worries me the most. I don’t believe Haku’s Gift, nor Foxfire (especially Foxfire) need changed. Breath of the Unseen is pretty good but I would love 100% knock-back resist. Haku’s Blessing is the only skill that needs to be reworked, or rather unnerfed. This thread was started because of the nerf and it was not fair to Kanna. There have been plenty of posts on how to attempt to undo the damage this nerf caused but I’ll go over a few.
      1. Revert to a solo %Magic Attack buff, as it was originally.
      2. Convert to a %Final Damage buff
      3. Give Kanna the full stats of Haku’s fan
    Many Kanna players have had to put more work into their “secondary” than any other class so they need to be rewarded for doing so. It is important that Kannas are not forced to reroll stats or create a new secondary after this update. Some players like myself have heavily invested in a second Arcane Umbra Fan and if the value of that fan doesn’t go up (or worse drops) after this update, I am likely to reconsider my time with the class.

    Finally, I’m going to briefly cover my thoughts on some of the other skills in Kanna’s kit.
    • Elemental Blessing: Changing the effects of HP and MP or the amount of magic attack would have a significant negative impact on the class.
    • Soul Bomb: This skill is almost entirely useless. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it do more than half a percent of damage on my battle analysis.
    • Tengu Strike: Costs more than it should
    • Spirit Corral: The ability to draw in enemies is finicky at best.
    • Soul Shear: The only reason people readded points into this skill was that Nexon tacked on 30% final damage. It is terrible and no one likes it.
    • Blossom Barrier: Needs to protect against %HP attacks or have some other form of protection because it is basically useless in bosses; the only time it would be used.
    • Vanquishers Charm: 4 lines of attack? Please?
    • Orochi: Faster cast time
    • Falling Sakura: Costs too much, slow, cooldown and you must hit an enemy. I can’t remember the last time I used this skill.
    • Monkey Spirits: The chance to drop an unidentified item could be changed to just %drop like some other classes skills.
    • Bellflower Barrier: Just fix the hyper skill so it gives 45% boss damage
    • Demon’s Fury: Should be Kanna’s main mobbing skill, but isn’t because of the higher cost and cooldown.

    Nexon has mentioned Kanna may be getting all new skills, old skills might change, and these changed may affect our V-Matrix. Having to spend hundreds or thousands of nodes to redo my matrix isn’t going to be fair and I honestly don’t see a way that Nexon would make the process painless.

    I look forward to hearing more about the revamp, but hopefully, we will get to learn the extent of the changes far ahead enough that the feedback players provide can be given serious consideration. No one wants a repeat of the Haku’s Blessing nerf, and the players certainly don’t want to spend a year and a half for Nexon to even start talking about it again.
  • DancemonDancemon
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    Alas, seems like the revamp turned into a further nerf, or so it seems as least considering another 25% range loss

    Should we look for another class to Play or just wait another year for a real revamp?
  • ArgentArgent
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    What a joke. This is the same kind of BS response we got when Haku was nerfed.

    Bossing is an absolute nightmare and our utility and survivability have been gutted. But sure, keep her around as a domain, kish or farming mule.

    I had hopes that maybe you guys would give us a break when we got the revamp. JMS actually looked good, I'll even admit she probably needed some damage shaved off to balance her a bit better. But whoever it is that decided on "tuning" the JMS version of these skills clearly has a vendetta against the class or at least has never played it. Get rid of them.

    I'm out.