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Playing as if it was The Beginning

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Hi my name is Zach and recently i have had an idea ! It is a challenge of sorts. I am going to make a guild Playing like it was maplestory when it first came out.
The Rules are simple
1. you must make one of the first 5 classes . Warrior, mage, archer, theif or pirate
2. It must have no link skills or blessings to make it stronger.
3. and since its in reboot you cant trade.

The basis is to get a group together who remembers partying in the old days and to have a community that isnt solo players like it is now. If anyone is interested comment or message me in game in reboot server. My Ign Is SaintZech and ill buddy you if im online untill i get the guild made ! if anyone is interested comment and start a conversation in the forum ! Happy mapling


  • darikdarik
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    Although this idea sounds good i dont like it at all, yes i miss old days but i miss them not only cuz of the game but cuz i was a kid back then, and life as a kid is quite simple, thats what i really miss, not the endless grind to get from.lv 50 to lv 51 for example.
  • ThatGuyZennyThatGuyZenny
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    i would love to join, but maybe on a diffrent server reboot is kinda laggy for me :/