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Stuck in DIPQ "cutscene" mode

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Bug type: UI, gameplay

Brief bug summary: If the bonus stage in DIPQ ends before you complete the opening "cutscene", you get transported out of the map but still in "cutscene" mode where no controls work. The only way out of it is restarting the client.

More details: I did Dimension Invasion PQ with a friend. We got the Blackheart bonus stage. My friend killed Blackheart before I finished talking to Hilla in the opening cutscene. I was transported out of the map, but still had the two black bars on top and bottom, and no controls work. Can't even use the arrow keys to move, or click the mouse on the NPC. The only way out is to Alt-F4.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Enter Dimension Invasion PQ in a party of 2 or more people.
2. Progress through the PQ until the bonus stage.
3. Have one member of the party wait on the opening cutscene of the bonus stage (it shows either Hilla or Magnus speaking, and waits for you to progress through their dialog), while the other member(s) complete the bonus stage.
4. Observe that all party members are moved out of the map after the bonus concludes, but the one who didn't finish talking to Hilla/Magnus can't move or perform any function in the game, and has to forcibly close the window and relaunch the client.