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Blazing Extinction casuses problems.

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Blazing Extinction is making my game go extinct.

Bug type:
A spell causes a disconnect from the server.

Brief bug summary:
Blazing Extinction causes me to be thrown out of the game and out to the screen where you pick a server.

More details:
Blazing Extinction is causing my game to act up. I can cast the spell just fine, it travels along the ground just fine, but the moment it touches a mob I get thrown out to screen where you choose a server.

Steps to reproduce:
Cast blazing extinction and then have it hit a mob. I can recreate it with a 100% accuracy, and it happens every god damn time.

Character name:
Character level:
Character job:
World name:
Date and time of the incident:
This bug showed up on the 11th of November at around 12 PM CET and has persisted until now.

Some additional things:

Your customer support is horrible, beyond the worst I have encountered. I contacted support quickly after the bug started appearing, and to their credit, they replied rather fast, but it seems like most of the things I filled out on the ticket were overlooked or ignored.

First thing, I put down that I play the game from steam, but I received ways to fix the game using the Nexon launcher.

Three E-mails in I get told that my drivers are outdated, they weren't, but I still went and checked. Why wasn't this mentioned sooner? I provided a DxDiag in the first e-mail, so I don't see why it takes three e-mails before it gets brought up. And, my drivers weren't out of date, so...what gives?


would have posted here sooner, but it took 20 hours for me to be able to post, and I had faith that a ticket would have sufficed.