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[Reboot] Mystical is recruting!

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431606119887273985.png?v=1 Mystical Rebirth 431606119887273985.png?v=1

Hello maplers! Mystical is back to action!

We currently working to slowly get the family back up! Family? Yes, we really close friends that have been together in a mystical journey since December 2016! Been growing together, overcoming obstacles and achieving goals! Since the beginning we are a friendly and a helpful community!

Right now looking for new family members. We want to meet new people who loves to play Maplestory!

- Join our neat Discord! Be Active and Contribute to stay in the guild!
- Only Lvl 140+ mains, no mules, no links, no meso farmers allowed!

We want to provide a healthy and active community. To progress in the game as a strong united guild!

HEY! I want to join! o7
Go hit that "Request to join" button! or hit us up at discord: fuCtzwW

As every other guild we got rules and we always like to follow them up so be sure to check them out when joining our family!

Looking for alliance?
Preferably small family guilds like us.



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    i'll join on my Dark knight in reboot tomorrow :D
  • DeonysiaDeonysia
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    Bump Bumpppp~