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new player looking

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Looking at trying maplestory out as a mercedes. Planning on playing on a non- reboot server. will be starting from scratch and am a complete noob. looking for a guild that could help me out not looking for hand outs but information and a place i can ask questions and not feel like to much of a noob.


  • volelilyvolelily
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    server does not matter as well since im so new i can switch
  • DiiesDiies
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    If you havent found a guild yet, Sunder is recruiting active mains.
    No lvl req. just nice people who like to level/boss/chat

    My ign is EnwulfexD if you want to know more
    Reboot server
  • YonaxYonax
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    If you living in North America I would recommend Bera, its the most active server and if you life in europe I would suggest Luna.

    @Diies person is indicating to join regular server.
  • xLoveLeixLoveLei
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    Hi there. Only just saw this and perhaps you have picked someplace and started already.
    But I was going to invite you to Khaini and to my guild, Modesty.