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Y cant nexon explain skill balancing properly?

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So i read todays patch notes and i see stuff like:

Cursebite: Reduced the final damage amount that increases when attacking enemies with status debuffs. Also added a passive function that increases final damage.

Ancestral Prominence: Increased number of hits.

Why cant you nexon explain how much %final damage did you reduce and how much you added or how many hits will ancestral prominence will now do?
And this can be applied to all the skill balancing of all the classes mentioned on the skill balancing tab, seriously there are blogs that people do this for FREE that put a lot more detail in skill balancing meanwhile the person who gets PAID to write this patch notes or the person above that tells him/her what to write put so little effort and so little detail explaining exactly what are the skill changes, seriously this as a company makes you look really really bad, as if you ddint take things seriously, how do you expect that me as a costumer spend money on a game where the only thing i see is a lack of seriousness and proffessionalism?

I would love that the person in charge of writing/designing the patch notes give me a sincere answer.


  • AKradianAKradian
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    Hey, it's an improvement over their previous patch notes that just said "All jobs receiving some skill revamps to improve the balance between jobs."

    But yeah, if you want numbers, you have to go to Orangemushroom.
  • PhantomMasterThiefPhantomMasterThief
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    In nexon's defense nexon korea doesn't state the % or number of hits either, but asia soft does ( the company that publishes maplesea )

    i would love if they would state the % or number of hits again like they did in previous patches a few years ago.

    ( but then people accused them of just copy and pasting from orangemushroom aka: max's blog )

    You just can't please everyone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • darikdarik
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    I dont mind they copy paste from other blogs as long as the information is correct , ok its an improvement from before, i give them that, but i think there is still room for improvement.