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MapleStory Reboot is completely screwed.

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From a dog **** producer letter, not being able to resolve thousands of complaints regarding the meso nerf and bans, to incompetent hired game masters that are not properly doing their job. This is by far the the biggest **** you to all reboot players in ALL of maplestory's history. Who knows? Maybe in the grand scheme of things, they want reboot players to really quit and rejoin the old servers to spend $. Hundreds of players and even maybe thousands of players have been wrongfully banned, and when they appeal their bans they get automated bot responses from these so called live interactions with game masters. They sound like they don't give a flying **** if you are banned or not, their investigation? What investigation? What a **** dog **** excuse of a game.


  • SherriSherri
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    I'd tone down a bit on the language, but I completely feel you.
    This year has been nothing but terrible excuses and slaps in the face.
    Meso nerf, boss nerf, drop rate nerf, Sengoku nerfs, Kanna bans, mass bans recently, name cooldowns (fixed), explorers cruel/critical rings..
    A terrible letter that only wasted all of our time, including theirs...
    Not to mention that it's been revealed ban appeals are literally answered by bots!
    lets be real, we all knew this already/were not surprised to hear this
  • SafetDKSafetDK
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    Looking forward to see the playerbase drop in reboot. Playerbase in the normal servers Arent gonna increase but more likely decrease . I'm one of the bog Group who havent logged in since the nerf. Not gonna spend A PENNY in this game anymore if they dont fix this nerf.

    I truly understand your frustration mate!
  • MatthewHKnightMatthewHKnight
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    LMAO Are you surprised ? He's a college kid, this is a perfect example as to why you don't hire a bunch of kids to work as "Game Moderators" Look at the illegal servers need I say more? Them servers can't manage to stay running 6 months before stuff happens LMAO.

    What's funny is every time they think they will stop botters they end up only having a negative effect on normal players of the game.
    They need to stop being lazy dude not hard for them to get someone who can monitor the sites that sell cheats for the game and check them areas, they really need some kinda server side detection that will alert active GM's when someone is doing something that might be botting or "hacks".

    What makes me laugh is the botters they have a add-on which will detect when a GM logs into the worlds and the program will make their character log off and the software will keep checking to see if the GM logged out and when the GM logs out the software logs the botter back in.

    That's how many of them got to level 250.
    How's that for Anti-Cheat system?
  • WyldeRyderWyldeRyder
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    Close it down! It is a snowflake server for snowflake players :V
    Get with the economy, get with the hard grinding, get with the hard gearing.
  • DarkPassengerDarkPassenger
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    WyldeRyder wrote: »
    Close it down! It is a snowflake server for snowflake players :V
    Get with the economy, get with the hard grinding, get with the hard gearing.

    reboot is all about grinding.