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Recent Removal of Duplicated Items

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Hi Maplers,

We've recently removed a large number of duplicated items from the game. With every round of removing duplicated items, we know that it stirs unease within the community. This is mostly due to causing skepticism in purchasing items from other players or fear of having purchased a duplicated item. Ultimately, there is no easy solution to the ongoing battle of combating hackers. However, this does not discourage us from constantly blocking hacking tools and removing illegitimate items from the game. We strongly advise everyone to take precautionary steps when engaging in high value purchases:

1. Ask for how the item was obtained
2. Make sure the seller is reputable and trusted
3. Document your purchase and the seller's ID to report if found to have been sold a duplicated item

There will be no compensation distributed for the removed duplicated items as we believe the nature of these items undermines the work legitimate players put into their items. We will be persistent in our pursuit for illegitimate players and continue or removal of duplicated items from MapleStory.

Thank you,

MapleStory Team


  • Retr0_Retr0_
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    Aldoe it didn't affect me in any way, i have to ask me self.
    "what if the player from which i bought this item, also bought it from another person, which also bought from a hacker, per say? More so, what if that item is 10-20-30-40-50b and up? Did i just lost me life savings and all i get is a "tough luck, lav"?"
    That would lead me uninstalling the game. Because i feel i'm getting punished for something that i wasn't directly a part of. It just so happened that i got the short end of the stick.
  • KweoKweo
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    Why should legitimate players take responsibility for duped items? Many purchase the items legitimately and may unknowingly resell it at a later time not knowing it was duped. Also its impossible to check for any of these things if its purchased from auction house, which is where the market is moving towards (everything is anonymous).

    Sorry guys, the only ones that win here are the dupers.
  • GreigaBeastDSGreigaBeastDS
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    If you’re legit and you got caught in the crossfire, tough nuggets. At least they might have banned one duper.

    And if you have no IGN because you bought it from the Auction House, lmao.

  • ArgentArgent
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    As someone from Reboot, I don't really get how a normal player is supposed to know if the item is duped or not. Sellers will lie if it is, even if they have appeared to sell "legit" items in the past. Do the items have a UID that Nexon can view and if so do duped items have the same ID?

    At least something is being done, but I do feel bad that some players are losing out on billions of mesos after making an unlucky purchase.
  • zz2020zz2020
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    baffling to me why the player has to shoulder responsibility for checking if an item is legit when that's a completely impossible task to do with any certainty. If you're going to punish players who have duped items there needs to be an immediate way to tell if they're duped OR maybe just fix item duping? It's been a problem for years and I don't know any other MMOs that have this absurd problem of knowing how to remove duped items but still having normal players get wrecked by possessing them.
  • krskkrsk
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    Dupers only target high value, highly desired items. So i guess the only way to avoid having these kinds of issues are to only buy from people you know personally or that can provide you proof of how they attained the item in the first place. If they bought off someone else, then maybe it's better to pass on a good deal than risk losing it in the future. Does it suck that you have to take these extra steps? ya.. but i mean we can't have it both ways. We can't complain about hackers, then get mad when Nexon does something. It is not as thought it's any item in game.. this is typically reduced to things like outlaw hearts, frenzy totems, Mag/Hilla rings.. Most of these aren't things you buy for a small amount of meso (if you even can buy them for meso)... so it really isn't as though anyone went in auction house and bought an outlaw for 10b and had NO IDEA that something wasn't right. If it seems too good to be true, it likely is.
  • L4d2jpnL4d2jpn
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    @Arwoo, @nexonNa - Do this more frequently (daily) and you won't have any issues. Do this only on/before/after DMT and of course the community is going to be pissed.

    Unless of course the goal is to piss off people that purchase items through rmt.
  • ninestrokesninestrokes
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    While I do appreciate that Nexon is doing something to get rid of illegitimate items, I think if Nexon were more proactive following these botters/hackers' transactions and nip them at the bud before they get sold, the harm would be lessened and there'd be less community backlash for what is essentially a job that should be done daily.

    For example, I recently reported at least 10 pages worth of cheaply priced spell traces (1/3 market price) with timestamps within 1 minute of posting at the auction house. Reported it but I didn't get a response until 3 days after, by which time all have been sold to possibly legit players.
  • BooberpuppyBooberpuppy
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    Maplestory, the game where the legit players are guilty of other people's crimes and dupers get to laugh all the way to the bank. Dupers do not care if they get banned, for they will just come back again and again with new strategies to continue making money. Legits suffer ever more in this ongoing process.

    This is seriously backwards/inside out thinking. Legit players should not have to jump through so many hoops to dodge Nexon's bullets. This is one of the most severe cases of passing the buck I've ever seen in an MMO.
  • MainlyUselessMainlyUseless
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    I don't think the legit players should hold as much responsibility in this as you are trying to make them.

    Legit players should be the people you are looking to assist in these matters, not reprimand them for forgetting to screenshot a deal, or being unable to because it was an AH purchase (which, again, are anonymous).

    The way these duping waves are being handled is consistently unacceptable.

    EDIT: Also, to give us steps to protect ourselves, but then also clearly state that nobody is getting compensation shows that even if we do follow your warnings to protect ourselves, you'll still find ways to make it OUR fault.
  • DauntlessAhriDauntlessAhri
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    It should be NEXON's responsibility to prevent dupes not the players, we don't even have any way to keep track of items being traded... like seriously this is the most bs thing I have ever heard of, if you buy an item it should be legit no matter what