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[Reboot] Looking for a guild

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Looking for a guild that is active (and possibly some of them play dokkan battle). The reason I asking to join a guild where some people play is so I can relate more to them and hopefully have a better experience as a guild member. However, I'm still willing to join if none play. I can only do a few dailies on week days due to school (finals...) and sports.

TLDR: Looking for guild that's active to do bosses/level up to 200 with.


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    I think Sleepy would be perfect! (Right now I'm working so I can't be online) but I think Sleepy would be great!

    This is the Link to the guild in Discord. =)

    Hope you join us.

    I have no problem giving more information

    Basic Information About The Guild And Server
    1. Most of us are 170+
    2. We do dailies with each other
    3. We progress with each other
    4. We do have carries but have to be eligible
    5. I'm the Guild Leader