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BelieveNothing - Mod Application

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In-Game Character name: shad0wn1te
World: Bellocan
Discord User Name: shad0wn1te#9448

Why I'd like to become a VFM:
I've really liked being a bigger part of the community ever since we got the Discord server, helping other players with information when I can, and I'd like to be able to do more for the community.

I think I can do a lot more for the community as a VFM, so here I am submitting my application! Although I don't play on Reboot, I feel I have a good understanding of the server, from knowing the mechanics to reading up on Reboot users' concerns on various community platforms.

What do I hope to accomplish as a VFM:
As a VFM I hope to be able to help the community with more than just gameplay knowledge, I hope to be able to help them with any current community matters, including easing their mind when it comes to the latest issues the community is experiencing.

What experience do I have moderating for other communities:
Currently, I have no experience moderating for any communities, but I hope to get some real soon ;)


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    His previous experience is clean like a new Fafnir. If he says he knows Reboot like the back of his hand, I believe him. Hope he deliver our requests and make Maplestory a better place!
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